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docker-compose内でmongodbがFailed to connect to a master node atとなる

問題 docker-compose.yml mongodb: container_name: mongodb image: mongo:3.2.0 ports: - "27017:27017" myapp: container_name: myapp build: . dockerfile: Dockerfile links: - mongodb # まずはもちろんこれが必要 main.rb(抜粋) require 'mongo_mapp…

docker-compose buildでbundle installがCould not fetch specs from rubygems.orgとなる

問題 Mac上でdocker-machineでVMを立て、そこに向けてdocker-composeを華麗に決める % docker-compose build # 略 Step 5 : RUN bundle install ---> Running in e8c4e026277a # 略 Fetching source index from https://rubygems.org/ Could not fetch specs…